3 Most Trafficked Mammals, Reptiles, and Birds in the USA

Would it surprise you to know that millions of exotic animals are illegally trafficked into the USA each year? Today we will share 3 of the most trafficked exotic mammals and reptiles, each of which is threatened with extinction. 

Asian/African Pangolin

A recorded 110,000 Pangolins were trafficked last year. Experts believe only 10% of Pangolin traffickings get reported, so this number is likely in the millions. 

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Pangolins are basically extremely adorable scaly mammals. Pangolins are nocturnal, and the only mammal with keratin scales. There are a total of 4 Asian and 4 African Pangolin species, all of which have been poached and trafficked to near extinction. The meat of the Pangolin is also considered to be a delicacy. 

If you ever encounter Pangolin products, please do not buy them. Pangolins are facing incredibly difficult times with keeping their populations up, and are facing the possibility of extinction.

Sea Turtles

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Roughly 30,000 sea turtles are trafficked each year, on top of an already unprecedented problem with egg poaching.

Many sea turtle species are extinct, never to be seen again. It is also not surprising that several sea turtle species are on the brink of extinction. If nothing is done, future generations will never experience what it feels like to swim with these majestic gentle creatures.  

Sea turtles are often trafficked because they can be used for laying eggs in constrained environments. However, sea turtles were never meant to be kept in confined areas, they were meant to be free in our vast oceans.

As few as 33,000 loggerhead sea turtles are left, unfortunately. 

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Exotic Birds

exotic birds usa trafficking wildlife

Trafficking in rare and exotic bird life is a global business, worth $10-20 billion annually. Birds are among the most popular animals sought after for the exotic pet trade. 

Birds come in a variety of colors and sizes, and have dazzled humankind for centuries with their beauty. However, like most human desires, humankind has tried to own and traffic these majestic creatures. 

If you see exotic birds for sale on your local exchange site, please report them to local authorities. Exotic birds are ripped out of their habitats in extremely cruel ways, and then stuff in tight containers for weeks. Many birds don't survive the journey to their trafficked country. 

Game over?

No. It's never too late to think about preservation. Many people around the world dedicate their entire lives to helping these endangered and trafficked mammals and reptiles. It's everyone's moral duty to be educated and aware of the issues at hand.

Animal trafficking in the United States and internationally is a big issue. But together, anything is possible.

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