A Young Man May Have Just Saved Earth

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A Young Man May Have Just Saved Earth

A young man has discovered a breakthrough biodegradable, edible plastic; and it might just save us all.

Plastic water bottles come at a huge price tag for mother nature. It can take up to 10,000 years for plastic to degrade in nature. How much plastic waste? Estimates say over 200 tons each year. The fact that at least half of all water bottles are used only once makes the waste that much more egregious.

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Over 200 tons of plastic waste are generated each year

ocean sifting through tons of plastic trash that affect local marine life

10% of plastic waste goes into our oceans

Plastic waste is a BIG deal, especially when it leaks into rivers, streams, ponds, and oceans. Local marine life mistake floating bottles for food, munch down on what should be a tasty snack, and ultimately suffer major health issues or death. 

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50% of Sea Turtles have eaten plastic

As the Good Life Bracelets family knows, we strive to help organizations who help injured turtles, many of which that have consumed plastic materials. You can help by checking out our Save the Sea Turtles collection.

It started as a homework assignment for a college class, but the biodegradable, algae-based container 32-year-old product design student Ari Jónsson ended up creating has the potential to shake up the plastic water bottle industry.

Jónsson, a student at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, invented an all-natural water bottle that holds its shape when full and decomposes when empty. He debuted his creation in mid-March at the DesignMarch 2016 festival in Reykjavík, Iceland.

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This is huge. Sea turtles, or any marinelife for that matter, would not need to worry about choking on this new type of plastic. 

While harmful plastic is still a serious problem for sea turtles, we are certainly taking the rights steps towards change. Good Life Bracelets would like to honor this breakthrough invention, and it's inventor Ari Jónsson.

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