Elephants Start 2018 Off on the Right Foot

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Elephants Start 2018 Off on the Right Foot

China's complete ban on ivory trade went into effect on Sunday, officials say, a huge step forward in Beijing's efforts to rein in what was once the world's biggest market for legal and illegal ivory.

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'From today... the buying and selling of elephant ivory and goods by any market, shop or vendor is against the law!' forestry ministry said on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

'From now on, if a merchant tells you "this is a state-approved ivory dealer"... he is duping you and knowingly violating the law.' 

The ministry added that the ban also applied to online sales and souvenirs purchased abroad.

By March 2017, Xinhua reported, 67 factories and shops involved in China's ivory trade had closed.

The remaining 105 were expected to close Sunday.

The Good Life Bracelets family has long awaited the day that China would make ivory sales illegal. Hurrah! Elephant preservation is off to a great start in 2018.

However, it's estimated that over 90% of China's ivory is black market ivory smuggled in from poaching groups. This means that even a ban on legal ivory won't stop the suffering for our majestic friends.

“Demand for elephant ivory has skyrocketed in recent years, spurring poaching levels that are driving elephants towards extinction,” Chinese authorities wrote Friday. “And ending the legal ivory trade in China — while being an amazing step forward — is just the beginning.”

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