Songbirds Fall Silent

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Songbirds Fall Silent

Can you imagine the sight of endless rolling prairies beneath a clear blue sky? Now, turn your attention to the sounds of the prairie: winds whispering through tussocks of grass, the trill of chorus frogs and the snorts of cattle and bison, all bound together by the songs of a myriad of grassland birds. North America’s last great grasslands simultaneously announce their presence with both a mighty voice and an immense, pressuring silence.

meadowlark prairie songbird

Unfortunately, mother nature's sonnets have been missing some of the most important vocalists at her disposal; Grassland Songbirds. In 2017, WWF reported declines in songbirds by up to 97% since the 1960's. What could possibly be the root cause of their silence?

Experts in the field say that man-made destruction of prairie land is primarily to blame. Many organizations like Good Life Bracelets are in favor of protecting natural grasslands and the creatures that depend on the marshy meadows to survive.

farming agriculture endangerment birds

Since 2009, an area the size of Kansas has been plowed down to make room for agriculture. If nothing is done to change this trend, many species will have a troubling time finding shelter and adequate food sources to survive, let alone foster the capabilities to reproduce.

 There is, however, hope for a new song tomorrow. 

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