Overhaul Species Protection Act?

It's no surprise that such majestic creatures as bald eagles and the lynx are protected species under US law. This law, the Endangered Species Act, was set up to protect species and their habitats.

But some leaders and lawmakers say that the ESA is "overdue for MAJOR reform"...  

They are now eyeing changes that would eliminate existing protections for threatened species and give greater weight to business interests at the expense of species at risk.

In Colorado, USA alone, there are over 34 species listed as endangered or threatened. 

“It’ll impact Colorado by making it much harder to conserve threatened and endangered species and generally will prioritize oil and gas drilling, and other kinds of development, over conservation,” - Megan Mueller, senior conservation biologist with the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Wild

Conservationists in the USA believe that this is another blow from the environmental wrecking ball. Just 10 days after the most recent president took office, the White House announced plans to reorganize the National Park Service and the Department of Interior. He soon after made sure to repeal rules banning industry from dumping waste into waterways. On top of that, Donald's secretary Ryan Zinke does not believe climate change is real, and thus has acted on national monuments for gas and oil drilling. 

An Ohio State University survey found that 83 percent of Americans support the ESA, yet the USA government seems to be acting against civilian support. 

While conservatives continue to reinforce that there are "no losers" in this equation, and that "we can drill oil AND save species", many conservationists disagree. As climate change is becoming a more severe threat, many species will become even more susceptible to extinction.

How the proposed changes will be made to the Endangered Species Act and when they will be made is still unclear; and many proposed changes are still being discussed behind closed doors. 

One thing's for sure..endangered species deserve our time, attention, and cooperation; else our ignorance will come back to bite us down the line. 

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