[Video] Elephant Herd Runs to Greet Rescued Baby Elephant

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[Video] Elephant Herd Runs to Greet Rescued Baby Elephant

Elephants have long been known to display strong emotions; such as in this amazingly cute clip of an elephant family rushing at full-speed to meet their newest member. 

The new rescued baby elephant is named "Dok Geaw", and now happily lives with his adopted herd and caretakers at Elephant Nature Park. When the conservationists at ENP found him, he was orphaned and alone at just nine months old...

Orphaned? But How? 

Elephants are often hunted for their tusks, and unfortunately mothers are often the target. With no mother, hundreds of baby elephants are left stranded and without hope. One of the many objectives of elephant conservation is to rescue mothers and children, especially those that are orphaned. 


Why are they so excited to see Dok Geaw?

Elephants are highly social, highly emotional creatures. They have been observed mourning, supporting eachother with swimming, and are of course very territorial around their young. The excitement we see in this video is just one of many combination of elephant emotions. 

Is there hope for the mighty endangered elephant?

YES! Although the overall population of elephants has been steadily declining for years, in recent years we've seen a resurgence of elephant populations across the globe. This is because of various conservation efforts and governments working to outlaw the hunting of precious elephant and banning  the sale of their ivory. 

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How do you feel about this video? Do YOU support the graceful elephant?

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