Working Together: UK Supporting Myanmar’s Elephants

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Working Together: UK Supporting Myanmar’s Elephants

Elephants are living treasures, they are nature's gardeners −their intelligence, empathy and caring for each other are just a few of their amazing qualities. This“keystone species” are battling for their own survival, every day.


Despite worldwide awareness, elephants are yet inexcusable from its shrinking numbers. 


In the land of Golden Pagodas, Myanmar, elephants are surprisingly treated with great care. However, major threats still exist...


Threats such as increased deforestation, the human population overgrowth, poaching, and illegal wild elephant capture all play a part in the crisis in Myanmar.


Statistically, the Myanmar government has stated, in 8 year-period from 2010 to 2018, there are a total number of 227 elephants died across the country and 124 were victims by poachers.


This may not sound like a lot, but each elephant is precious. This must end.


Recently, pledges from People for Ethical Actions to Save Elephants, a program from Elephant Family which works by educating school children and widespread plan to educate communities about protecting elephants. Aid also comes from the UK that strongly ban the ivory selling which has set foot changes bringing the world together to save the elephants from extinction.


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How else can we raise awareness and help the elephants?

With these few simple awareness tips, you can be able to move forward and make a meaningful difference!

Be aware of elephant habitats. Their “keystone” role in the environment, their ideal habitat, and their interrelationships with the plants and animals because all nature is interconnected. 

Support organizations that offer hope for the survival of wild elephants.  It's critical to support the organizations that are truly fighting for a different world for elephants.

Talk about Elephants at your school. Tie a string around your finger right now and initiate a group study about elephants and connect with people you meet that shared the same advocations and enthusiasm as you do.

Be an Elephant Ethical across social platforms. Make time to tweet and post in your storyboard about your discoveries and awareness about the elephants. In this way, you can connect and spread across the world.

Learn about indigenous cultures that supports and have traditionally lived with elephants in harmony. Learn and support alternative livelihood programs that can sustain the local communities to lessen labor on elephants.

Visit countries where elephants can live freely like Myanmar. Last March this year, Myanmar opened their first Elephant museum, supported by WWF in Yangon to celebrate the annual World Elephant Day held every 12th of August every year in pursuing to abolish the illegal wildlife trade. Tourism also benefits the economy and it gives you the opportunity to see and experience the wonders and beauty of those magnificent giants.

It’s not only Myanmar that has faced problems. Several other countries where elephants can live freely are also fighting daily to preserve them. If this message matters to you, please share and support! 

“Never underestimate the difference YOU can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out and help. This week reach to someone that might need a lift”  

Together, we can make a change. #SaveTheElephants