Abalone & Koa Wood Ring

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The Amazon Rainforest needs our help! šŸ”„šŸŒ±
According to Brazil Space Research Agency,Ā forest fires have increased by 84%Ā this year alone for the Amazon Rainforest.Ā This majestic forest isĀ filledĀ with millions of rare species that call it HOME. If nothing is done, we may lose one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth.
Good Life Bracelets is committed to helping preserve the Amazon Rainforest, also known as theĀ "Lungs of the World". TOGETHER, we will join hands and plant new trees toĀ help the Amazon Rainforest and all of it's inhabitants.




āœ…Ā Each Ring Crafted to Tell a Unique Story
āœ… DURABLE Tungsten Carbide
āœ… Perfect for Gifts, Engagements, Promises
āœ… Made From Sustainable Resources
āœ…Plant Trees in Your Honor, Help the Amazon!
ThisĀ Polished Abalone & KOA Wood Ring is Hawaiian designed, and created with love. Inspired by theĀ ocean, you'll feel connected to blue waves the moment you wear this relic. OnlyĀ beautifulĀ sustainable resources are crafted into this naturally stunning ring.
WithĀ YOUR help...thisĀ beautifulĀ symbol ofĀ freedom & loveĀ will serve as a lifelong reminder of the trees you planted, the difference you made, and your deep connection to Mother Nature.Ā 
ON SALE! Order Today & Help Plant Trees!
Wrong size? Swap it out forĀ FREE!
ā€”Where areĀ the trees planted?ā€”
Your trees aren't just planted...they're nurtured and sustained!Ā šŸŒ±
Your trees are planted where it matters MOST. Trees for the Future is currently workingĀ with overĀ 3,000 farming families across six countriesĀ in Sub-Saharan Africa.Ā Their focus is on the implementation of Forest Programs in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, Guinea and Tanzania, as these are areas where we are having the biggest impact andĀ are seeingĀ amazingĀ results!
Good Life Bracelets isĀ proudlyĀ funding the planting 2 trees for each item sold in our Save Mother Nature collection!Ā 
Your crafted accessory will forever be a symbol of yourĀ love of and dedication to mother nature.
1 RingĀ =Ā 2 Trees Planted šŸŒ±
2Ā RingsĀ =Ā 4 Trees PlantedĀ šŸŒ±
3Ā Rings =Ā 6 Trees PlantedĀ šŸŒ±
(These beautiful trees shall be an exclusive honor to plant in YOUR name. Without YOUR help, none of this wouldĀ  be possible!)
If forĀ ANY REASON you don't love your bracelet, we offer a 30 day, satisfaction guaranteeĀ and will plantĀ your trees regardless. We care aboutĀ yourĀ HAPPINESS!
*Please allow 1-4Ā  weeks forĀ meticulousĀ crafting and delivery. Thank you.