Minimalist Real Crystal Druzy Bracelets - Save Mother Nature

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Thousands of tiny crystals sparkle in the center of this bright pendant, made from a unique geode slice. Carry a beautiful piece of mother nature close, wherever you may go.

Each geode is a 100% unique work of art, made from recycles stones no longer needed for any other purpose. 


- Durable Stretch Cord Adjustable Band

-Smooth Marble Beads

-One of a Kind Magnificent Geode 

*Supplies vary, some geode colors may be slightly off, due to natural stone discolorations and imperfections. Please allow 2-4 weeks for crafting and international shipping

For each unit of this accessory sold, Good Life Bracelets will proudly fund the planting of 5 new trees. Our belief is that in restoring mother nature's ecosystems, we can do our part to help offset the human carbon footprint.