It's our intention to be completely transparent with our amazing customers. There  should always be full disclosure, so that we may foster a trust between us.


Good Life Bracelets is a small retail organization that offers high-quality animal themed goods including bracelets, necklaces, shirts, and more, supplied by artisans/suppliers/retailers located in various countries around the world. We are proud of our products. Good Life Bracelets is NOT a non-profit organization; we are a retail organization that donates to non-profits each quarter of the year. At the end of a quarter, ten percent (10%) of net profits** will be distributed accordingly to the charities described on the product pages, based on the volume of products sold. For example, an order from the Elephant collection would benefit Elephant Aid International, and an order from the Sea Turtle collection would benefit Sea Turtle Project. There are NO caps or boundaries, meaning as long as our partnership remains with these organizations, we will continue giving.

Good Life Bracelets is committed to donating at minimum $10,000 USD for endangered animal species and environmental protection in 2018. There are no caps, and never will be.

Save Mother Nature collection states that with each unit in that collection sold, Good Life Bracelets will fund the planting of 2 new trees. This is done through Trees For Tomorrow, in Subsahara Africa. This does not apply to the bracelets in any other collection, such Save the Elephants or Save the Sea Turtles. 


At Good Life Bracelets, we ALWAYS recommend that you donate directly to the charity that you care about if your primary goal is to see the most social impact for your money... Buying from Good Life Bracelets should be a decision to purchase a fashionable accessory, not to give significant funds to conservation.

WHY? Because we want you to be aware that your money is much more powerful directly in the hands of conservationists-Good Life Bracelets has overhead costs



Privacy is serious business. At Good Life Bracelet, your data is encrypted and secured using industry standards HTTPS secure server software.

When browsing and/or purchasing, Good Life Bracelets may use cookies, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel to track customer page visits and promote social media ads to customer's Facebook and Instagram.

Good Life Bracelets only stores the information needed to fulfill the order the customer has placed. We do not sell any customer information, ever. With customer consent, we may send you blog posts and sales promotions and occasionally important messages via email.

If you believe that Good Life Bracelets has your personal data (name, number, email address, etc.), and you would like for it to be removed/permanently wiped, please contact us and we will help you with that promptly and kindly.

Quality and Suppliers 

When we say artisan, we are referring to wonderful bracelet suppliers located in areas such as Thailand, China, or Philippines. Each supplier is located in a different geographical location and runs his/her own independent jewelry/accessory store in their country. Good Life Bracelets is a small retail organization and we have not personally employed these artisans, nor have we any legal association with these artisans, nor have we personally been inside of the facilities these suppliers use. Good Life Bracelets uses the dropshipping retail method as part of it's business model. This means that when an order is placed, we pay an artisan to craft and ship your bracelet directly to your door. We are happy to hear your questions or concerns about the quality of our goods, as we are always looking to improve. We reserve the right to discontinue using an artisan if that artisan fails to meet our time/quality standards that our customers expect. Mentions of artisan support are through ordering their unique goods at a rate they determine of the product price, which we believe benefits them by supporting their unique bracelet/necklace/fashion business directly and economically. 

We do our best to ensure that the quality of our products meets a rigorous standard; when an artisan tells us that they are using a specific metal or stone, we trust that they are using that stone/metal. If you feel like your bracelet isn't of high quality and that the materials aren't as they were advertised, we would be happy to refund your purchase and investigate the artisan that failed to meet our quality standards. Good Life Bracelets does it's best to update the material composition of our products as the artisans make us aware of changes; however sometimes this data may be incomplete or incorrect. Good Life Bracelets makes no claims as to the accuracy of the information on this website, and reserves the right to change/alter/remove this information at any time. We apologize for any inconveniences and are happy to accommodate and solve any complaints. 


By ordering from Good Life Bracelets, or using our website, you agree that you have read and understood this entire transparency disclaimer, and feel that your purchase decision is educated and transparent. You also agree that you have read and understood our Legal Terms of Service. If for any reason at all you do not agree with the terms disclosed above, or within our Terms of Service, please discontinue using our web services immediately.

Thank you.

 **(Total Revenue - Expenses, including but not limited to marketing, shipping, returns, and cost of crafting bracelet)