Good Life Bracelets

Who do we support, and why do we support them?

When it comes to picking the right charitable organizations, Good Life has a strict qualification process.

First, we choose organizations that directly impact the endangered species or the environment they support. Second, we ensure that the non-profit organization has selfless volunteers to work hands-on on the frontlines of the issue at hand. Lastly, we aim to work with organizations that are chosen by YOU, the customer. * 

For our Sea Turtles, our beloved affiliate is Sea Turtle Foundation located in Australia. To date, Sea Turtle Foundation has worked with 13 communities in the Western Province, PNG, to educate hunters, students and community members about the threats facing their local populations of turtles and dugongs. Sea Turtle Foundation has a mission to:
"Safeguard sea turtle populations, migration routes and habitats, and support activities that increase sea turtle numbers worldwide."
Please consider donating directly or reading more about STF by clicking here.

For beloved elephants, we support Elephant Aid International. "One World...One Elephant at a Time". Elephant Aid International works hands-on with mahouts, NGOs, tourist facilities, elephant welfare groups, researchers and government officials in joint efforts to effect change by improving elephant welfare in captivity and in situ, as well as the lives of mahouts and their families who care for elephants.
Please consider donating directly or reading more about EAI by clicking here

For horses, we support Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue Inc. "Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue Inc will provide rescue, rehabilitation and lifetime sanctuary to those horses who are at risk of needless slaughter, who are old and/or injured and have been abandoned with nowhere to go. All rescued horses will receive the very best of care and management throughout the remaining years of their life. Through our educational and assistance programs, Castleton Ranch will reach out both within and outwith our community to make the public aware of the plight of many horses and the need for the specialist care which Castleton Ranch are proud to provide.
Please consider donating directly or reading more about Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue by clicking here.

In our Save Mother Nature collection, we pledge to fund the planting of TWO new trees for each item sold. There is no cap or limit on this, you may order as many bracelets as you wish from the Save Mother Nature collection, and each will contribute to the planting of 2 new trees for each accessory. This does NOT apply for bracelets in any other collection, such as Save the Elephants. We fund the planting of these trees each quarter (4 times) per year through Trees for the Future.
Please consider donating directly or reading more about TFF by clicking here.

We have ongoing communications to set up projects with the best in the world. Each product page will show what organization is being supported. If you would like to submit a nonprofit organization that you care about, please contact us through our "Submit An Idea" page. Good Life Bracelets is always searching for new non-profits to donate to, and our customers are the driving force behind who we choose.

Good Life Bracelets would like to thank each non-profit that has chosen to work with us. Without your dedication and love, endangered animals and ecosystems would lack the proper care they need to thrive.   







Together, anything is possible.

*Good Life Bracelets is a retail organization, NOT a NON-PROFIT and has no ownership or direct control of non-profit organizations. Good Life Bracelets aims to offer high quality and stylish jewelry at an unparalleled level of customer service, while partnering with amazing non-profit organizations that accept donations from Good Life Bracelets. Good Life Bracelets donates 10% of all net profits each quarter to the according animal charities based on units sold. Save the Elephants--Elephant Aid International. Save the Sea Turtles; Sea Turtle Foundation. Save Mother Nature collection funds the planting of 2 new trees per unit sold. There are NO CAPS on the donations collected, and NO reserves. Good Life Bracelets has the ambitious GOAL of donating $100,000+ to non-profits throughout it's lifetime. In 2018, Good Life Bracelets met it's goal of donating $10,000 in grand total to charities listed above, and we hope that in 2019 we can get even closer to our lifetime goal. Good Life Bracelets is a small business, with big ethical goals. Good Life Bracelets does not claim to be, nor does it pretend to be a non-profit organization or charity, but rather a socially conscious business that gives back to important nonprofit initiatives. More information can be found in our Transparency & Disclaimer , which must be read before shopping with Good Life Bracelets.