Shipping Policy

Automatic package tracking is coming soon...thank you for remaining patient with us!

Good Life Bracelets is owned and operated in the United States of America, and proudly ships worldwide.

We can usually get your bracelet to you in 7-25 days after a 3 day crafting window. The bracelets we sell are crafted and imported from all over the world which means that it may take over 30 days for a shipment to arrive to it's destination. This is because each bracelet is unique and crafted upon order.

We have a high demand, and our artisans can only work so fast. We also have to take into consideration that our artisans are placed all across the world in different areas, and affordable international shipping can take time. Once a package has been packed and shipped, it is up to local and international mail services and their speed of delivery. 

Multiple items ordered may or may not arrive together on the same day; items come from hundreds of artisans, and they each run on different schedules. Please be patient with our craftsmen and craftswomen!

We will never sell your information. 


*Insured Priority Shipping* - If chosen at checkout, this shipping option will grant you 100% free replacement if something happens to your package in the mail. Shipping is covered on us, too. Of course, you could also receive a reimbursement for your order. You will also receive priority customer service, handling, packing, and shipping. Please be aware that this shipping option still requires a period of 1-2 weeks for crafting of your accessories...thank you for your patience!


If you would like to know more about the status of your package, you can contact our support email at or use our Contact Us page.