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Unlike other stories, our story does not involve brave knights slaying fiery dragons. It doesn't include kings and queens, heroes and villains, and certainly has no superheroes (at least, none of the traditional kind).

What it does contain is a small grain of truth;

Together, anything is possible.

Like any great movement, Good Life began as just a simple question. And like any great question, the answers carved a lifelong path of self discovery and compassion. 

"How can we make a meaningful difference, and empower others?"

Inspired by companies such as TOMS shoes and IVORY ELLA, we set out to establish our own name in the fashion and accessory world with an ethical purpose. 

We knew that our impact wouldn't be huge; but we also knew that a small impact is better than no impact at all. 

We wanted to help give back to endangered species conservation groups, but we also wanted to make sure each bracelet had a personal touch, was stylish, and was priced fairly.

We set out on a journey to discover amazing artisans who rely on their craft for income. These accessory suppliers already spend time crafting fashion items, and sell in their local areas.  

Equally important was our desire to find channels in which we could give back and empower others to give back. We searched near and far for reputable and reliable charities that work on the frontlines. 

It started with bracelets...then necklaces, keychains, and other high quality fashion accessories. Before we knew it, Good Life Bracelets had exploded into a thriving community of people who care about fashionable accessories and giving back to ethically conscious causes. We found ourselves featuring high quality book bags, plush toys, purses, and more with Earth's precious animals and ecosystems in mind.

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2017-2018 goal 

At Good Life, we believe in facing challenges head on and taking big action towards our goals, and we know you do too. By empowering people, we believe we can begin to empower wildlife efforts. Empowering wildlife efforts leads to an overall more stable ecosystem, which benefits mankind AND animal kind. 

Every purchase made through Good Life Bracelets contributes a portion to a conservation group, or to the planting of 5 new trees. To find the amount donated per item, please read the bottom of the product page and read through our transparency page.

If you're looking for quality sea turtle, elephant, equine, or natural jewelry, Good Life Bracelets is the perfect retail storefront to purchase from. We offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for the jewelry and accessories sold. If you aren't happy, neither are we. We will do what it takes to make things right! 

Despite our small size, we must set big goals. Good Life Bracelets is committed to donating at least $10,000 in 2018 to conversation efforts as part of our give-back philosophy.  

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For more information about Good Life Bracelets, what we believe in, and where we donate, please read our Transparency Page as well as our FAQ page. Before ordering from Good Life Bracelets, please read these documents. 

Transparency Page

We know that together, anything is possible 

On behalf of the entire staff at Good Life Bracelets,
thank you.

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