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Captured Ocean in a Necklace - Save Mother Nature

$24.95 USD

The ocean is a complex work of art, one that has captivated men and prompted curiosity for decades. Whatever the method, man and woman has always had the desire to capture the essence of the ocean in their own art. We present to you what we feel captures the raw beauty of the ocean (credit: Mother Nature).

Beautifully handcrafted wood resin necklaces.  Made of 100% natural materials, each one is completely unique.  Made of polished resin and wood, they may seem as if to contain their own miniature world inside.  These dreamy pieces will catch the sun's rays as you walk outside, and bounce them back in brilliant display.  A wonderful piece of flare for either a casual or formal setting!

—Where are the trees planted?
Your trees aren't just planted...they're nurtured and sustained! 🌱
Your trees are planted where it matters MOST. Trees for the Future is currently working with over 3,000 farming families across six countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their focus is on the implementation of Forest Programs in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, Guinea and Tanzania, as these are areas where we are having the biggest impact and are seeing amazing results!
Good Life Bracelets is proudly funding the planting 2 trees for each item sold in our Save Mother Nature collection! 
Your crafted accessory will forever be a symbol of your love of and dedication to mother nature.
1 Bracelet Stack = 2 Trees Planted 🌱
2 Bracelet Stacks = 4 Trees Planted 🌱
3 Bracelet Stacks = 6 Trees Planted 🌱

*Please allow 1-4  weeks for meticulous crafting and delivery. Thank you.