Casual Summer White Bracelet (Light Pink)

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Sea turtles deserve a brighter future...

The materials were chosen strategically to represent "The Sea Turtle" campaign. The CARVED LAVASTONE CHARM represent the Majestic Sea Turtle swimming happily in warm ocean currents.

The SMOOTH STONE BEADS represent the sandy beaches being raided by "hueveros" or egg thieves.

This is a unique sea turtle awareness bracelet available as a summer special. 


This bracelet is artisan crafted, and designed with comfort and durability in foresight without compromising style and quality material. Wear your unique Good Life Bracelet for ages to come, and tell your friends and family about the majestic sea turtle and it's journey.

If for whatever reason you don't love your new Good Life Bracelet, please reach out to us and we will do what it takes to make it up to you. This bracelet is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarentee. 

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100% Waterproof

Adjustable Duracord Stretch Band

Light Pink Semi-Precious Bead

Help Save the Sea Turtles!! Together, anything is possible! Please allow 1-4 weeks for crafting and international delivery. Thank you.sea-turtle-foundation

Bead Size: 8mm