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Mermaid Scale & Sea Turtle Keyring - Save the Sea Turtles

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Color: Blue

On May 31st, 2013 a 26 year old Costa Rican environmentalist, Jairo Mora, was murdered because of his good heart and strong will to protect Costa Rican leatherback turtles from poachers. Mora was a biology student, and worked for the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network (Widecast), a non-profit organization. Jairo Mora knew that the Sea Turtle population was declining rapidly, and felt the need to strongly voice this truth. After he posted on his Facebook page making a plea to the police to take action against the poachers on Moin Beach, in Costa Rica, the hueveros (egg thieves) felt he was a threat. 

-Rest in Peace, Jairo Mora, Turtle Conservationist

Silver Sea Turtle and Resin Mermaid Scale keychain!
Perfect for keys, cards, and other personal items.
100% Waterproof
Handmade with love and care
Help Save the Sea Turtles!! Together, anything is possible! Please allow 1-4 weeks for crafting and international delivery. Thank you.