Opal & Sterling 2 PIECE Silver SET - Sea Turtle Collection

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The majestic sea turtle deserves to swim open and freely.


Beautiful, opal swimming sea turtle cast on .925 Sterling Silver. Made with extra love and care. Includes strong sterling silver chain, white opal starfish cast in sterling silver, and white opal sea turtle cast in sterling silver!

  • Stunning Opal¬†Awareness Necklace (Choose Color!)
  • Gorgeous Opal Ear Rings (Choose Color!)
  • Awareness for the Majestic Sea Turtle
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Help Save the Sea Turtles!! Together, anything is possible! Please allow 1-4 weeks for crafting and international delivery. Thank you.


Earring size: 15 * 18 mm
Pendant size: 20 * 25 mm
Sterling Silver .925