Soft Rose Pink Faux Leather Bracelet - Save Mother Nature

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Thousands of tiny faux leather fibers meet in the center of this durable magnetic bracelet, made unique. Perfect for accenting your other Good Life Bracelets, or wearing alone with a simple outfit.  

It's estimated that every second, 1.5 acres of rainforest is cut 100 years, it's estimated that the world's rainforests will be gone completely. It's time to start reversing this epidemic. Each Good Life Bracelet is crafted with good vibes and good intentions, and funds the planting of FIVE new trees. You can make a different and help mother nature breathe just a little easier.

-Durable Magnetic Band

-Smooth Braided Faux Leather

-Perfect With Any Bracelet Stack

*Supplies vary, order now. Please allow 2-4 weeks for crafting and international shipping.

For each unit of this accessory sold, Good Life Bracelets will proudly fund the planting of 5 new trees. Our belief is that in restoring mother nature's ecosystems, we can do our part to help offset the human carbon footprint.  .